Pavlograd Machine-Building Plant

The “Intera” company was established more than 25 years ago.

Official dealer of plant is «LVS Company» sro. (Slovakia).

One of the most major projects in the 90s was cooperation with the “Avtovaz Center” — calculation and design of motor parts for “VAZ” automobiles (10 and 11 models).

We had developed and launched production of electric pads with the heating element of carbon cloth, which found wide use.

Since 1997, development and production of the equipment for toilet tissue converting (toilet paper rewinding, banding, cutting and packing) became the principal direction.

Besides, we produce machines for core winding and cutting of cardboard cores, creation of air packing bags, elevator-type racks accumulators, etc.

All equipment is developed and produced exclusively on our premises.

The skilled designers with 15 years’ experience in production of such class of machines work at our company.

They mastered the advanced operating methods such as 3-D modeling and strength analysis by a finite-element method.

Our design office also designs the equipment for Germany.

We always use in production only qualitative materials and European components.
We are concerned about quality improvement, so our plant is in constant progress.

We conduct investigations and launch production of the advanced samples of modern and reliable equipment.

We apply and improve the world high technologies.

Work is individually with each customer and guaranteeing the compliance with all contractual parameters.
We can design and manufacture non-standard equipment according to the customer’s requirements specification as well.

Our customers receive the reliable technical support from our plant for the whole service life.

The Intera PMP machines are in successful operation at large enterprises in 12 countries. It showed itself to good advantage.

With us, you can be sure of your business!