Consumables necessary for toilet paper production

Tissue of toilet (waste) paper.

6-10 thous. rolls are produced from one ton of paper. Price of tissue is about 380-480 USD per 1 ton.
Wastes are 3-4.5%

Paper label.

Cost is 2 USD/kg. Expenditures of 1 toilet roll are 0.2-0.3 cents.

Plastic bag.

Approximate price of 24 rolls is 2 cents, 18 rolls — 1.8 cents.

Disk cutter.

Price of the cutter made in Obukhov, Kyiv Region is 150 USD.

Diamond cup.

Simultaneously 2 pieces are used. Price of 1 unit is 35-40 USD.


For sale in bags. Expenditures of 1000 rolls are 6-10 cents.

* All prices are approximate and can be changed subject to manufacturers and delivery conditions.