Rewinder for non-woven tissue

Purpose: rewinding non-woven tissue into technological logs with hole and without core.

  1. Machine consists of two parts:
    • unwinding block for 1 parent roll;
    • winding block;
  2. Parent roll width: up to 900 mm;
  3. Parent roll diameter: up to 2400 mm;
  4. Parent roll weight: up to 300 kg;
  5. Parent roll internal core diameter is 76 mm;
  6. Device for parent roll lifting;
  7. Lower flat belt drive for unwinding parent roll;
  8. Winding to rod with diameter 30-40 mm;
  9. Device for extracting rod from log hole;
  10. Diameter of rolled log is 90-230 mm;
  11. Winding speed: up to 220 m/min (controlled by operator);
  12. Putting rod between shafts is carried out by operator manually;
  13. Feed of tissue to rod is carried out by operator manually;
  14. Automatic stop winding according to specified length;
  15. Cutting after winding and gluing edge is carried out by operator manually;
  16. Extracting log is carried out by operator manuall;
  17. Operator monitors tissue tension in winding and control it by variators;