Tissue paper slitting machine

The slitting machine is designed for rewinding and longitudinal cutting into rolls tissue of paper and another material.

  •  availability of perforation and embossing;
  •  core (without core) winding;
  •  tissue and core insertion on the winding shaft manually;
  •  extraction of coiled rolls manually;
  •  gluing of last layer manually;
  •  tissue slitting is carried by disk blades.
  •  standard diameter of winding roll is 90-300 mm. (can be increased to 600 mm.);
  •  winding without core with inner hole's diameter: 50 mm;
  •  winding on core with diameter more 50 mm;
  •  width of tissue up to 2500 mm;
  •  maximum diameter of Jumbo Roll with tissue paper: 1200 mm;
  •  internal diameter of bush of Jumbo Roll with tissue paper: 76 mm;
  •  automatic stop of the machine to a specified roll diameter;